Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How to Wear Ihram

The start of Umrah by put on the Ihram in the sense that is mandatory on the Haji to put on the Ihram for doing Umrah at the Miqaat. The place of Mawaqit is specified by the Islamic rule where the Ihram is to be put on and this place is far away from the Medina about 10 Km and from Makkah about 427 Km which is located in Dhi ul Hulayfah. 

It is also allowable for Haji to put on Ihram at Jeddah which 72 Km away from Makkah, when they reach at Miqaat then there is no need to be put on the Ihram again. Mostly people worried about “How to Wear Ihram” but there is no need to be confused, we are providing the stuff about it below. If you want go for umrah please visit my website we have cheap Christmas holidays umrah package.

Recommendations for Ihram 

The most important recommendation before putting on the Ihram are given below, 

  • Clean your body, cut yours nails and shave the hair in the armpits and other area 
  • Do the ghusl for Ihram and get the intension of pleasing the Allah Almighty 
  • Put the Ihram after doing a mandatory prayer 

Requirements of Ihram 

There are some obligations or requirements of Ihram, given below 

  • You should have honest intention of looking for nearness of Allah 
  • To put on the 2 pieces of Ihram dress for men, this is necessary protection for men to put it on before the Niyyat and Talbiyah 
  • Lab bay ka Allahumma lab bay ka, saying this Talbiyah at the time of Niyyat 

Rules of Ihram 

There are some important rules of Umrah which you should know definitely. 

  • Say the Talbiyah together with the Niyyat otherwise Ihram is not valid 
  • Say the Lab bay Ka Allahumma Lab Bay Ka 
  • The cogency of Ihram doesn’t depend on ritual Taha-rat of the discrete from the major or minor scums 
  • You should have done the ghusl for Ihram at daytime is adequate till end of the subsequent night 
  • All the circumstances valid for the dress for salat also valid for Ihram such as cleanliness 

How to Wear it? 

You have two sheets unstitched for men, 1st is to cover the inferior part by covering it about the waist and other sheet is use to thrown on the shoulder. You should wear a belt to hold the lowermost sheet. There is no Ihram dress for women but they are not permissible to cover their face and hands in the state of Ihram. 

So, I hope you understand the all information regarding “How to Wear Ihram” according to Sunnah.

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